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PrestaShop is a free open source shopping cart platform, which helps in creating e-commerce web sites, with features in almost every aspect of online commerce, including the possibility of discounts on certain products, to make reductions in certain products or have a special category of products that are displayed on first page. Also on the front page can be shown the latest products among other options, which help in promoting the products.

If your business involves selling products and services online with PrestaShop, Freelancer.com is one place where you can find expert PrestaShop freelancers from all over the world that have experience in different fields ready to help you with:

  • PrestaShop Templates
  • PrestaShop Theme
  • PrestaShop Modules
  • Upgrade your PrestaShop
  • Solving any problem with your PrestaShop Store

PrestaShop Projects start at $30, with the average project completing for $200 depending on the size and nature of your work. Outsource your PrestaShop project! Start by posting a PrestaShop job today and hire the top PrestaShop Experts on Freelancer.com.

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