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Solidworks is a computer aided design job category, used mainly by engineers and many multinational large corporations globally. This is a challenging job and requires a high level professional to handle this project relating to CAD software. There are many freelancers working as designers for Solidworks software jobs on Freelancer.com. Hire them on part-time or full-time basis and assign a Solidworks job.

A freelance solid works designer on Freelancer.com can also take up the following areas of works:

  • Solid works model
  • Solid works mechanical engineer
  • Solid works animation
  • Solid works AutoCAD
  • Solid works macro
  • Solid works drawing
  • Solid works API
  • Solid works jewellery

Employers looking for a professional human resource to take up the role of designer for Solidworks project can find freelancers on Freelancer.com by posting their project details today. Bids will flood in and you can pick your best quote.

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