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Usability Testing is basically about testing a system to ensure that it is satisfactory, effective and efficient for users.

Although a lot of companies like to do their Usability Testing in-house, this is almost always never a good idea. There are a number of reasons for this. One is letting the developer perform the Usability Testing. The problem is that because they know the product in detail, they are less likely to have an objective view of the system. Instead, developers doing this kind of testing are more likely to ask leading questions as they already have a biased view of the product.

It is an equally bad idea to get a graphic designer to do the Usability Testing job. Designers are innately more drawn to the aesthetics of the system, and may miss other crucial areas of the system. The development team can also have a conflict of interest as far as the Usability Testing is concerned. The best option is to call in a freelancer on Freelancer.com to take on the job.

Hiring someone from outside the company is the best option. Such a professional comes in with an unbiased eye and will ask all the right questions. It is necessary to ensure that the freelancer has the necessary background in Usability Testing, or specializes in UX. In such cases, the freelancer wants the product to succeed but will take a more practical and unbiased approach to usability testing.

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