How to Purchase Services on Freelancer Marketplace


Services that are promoted through Freelancer Marketplace allow employers to purchase a service and have their projects completed without the need to advertise and wait for workers.

Simply browse the catalog of services, find the service related to the job type and purchase it to begin having work done by the service provider.

Why wait to hire a service provider? Purchase a service and complete your project straight away!

What can be sold as a Service?

A service is essentially a project. Examples may be as simple as touching up a logo, creating custom made postcards or providing unique gift ideas. A service may be also as complex as building a website, editing a video or developing a mobile phone application.

Just about anything can be provided as a service!

Purchasing a Service

Once you have purchased a service through Freelancer Marketplace, a project will be created between you and the service provider.

You will be regarded as the employer of the project and the freelancer provides their service to complete it.

You can view and manage the project through the �Project Table� at the bottom of your Dashboard, highlighted by the �Freelancer Marketplace Services� icon.

The service charged to you will be deposited as a milestone payment for you to release once the service has been successfully delivered by the freelancer.

You may receive an email by the freelancer, asking to clarify any necessary details before they can accept work. Ensure you are clear on the details for the project, so that there are no misunderstandings.

Once the service has been completed and your project has been received, you may release the milestone payment to the freelancer. This can be done via the �Project Table� on the Dashboard by selecting the �Release Milestone� option on the Action menu.

Once the freelancer has decided to accept, you will be notified that work has commenced via email and through the Dashboard�s newsfeed.

Leaving Feedback

Once payment has been finalised, both the employer and service provider must leave feedback and comments to rate each other�s performance on the project. Leaving feedback is highly recommended as it will help to improve your status and trust with other users on for future projects.


In the event that a service project is not provided to the satisfaction of either the buyer or service provider - either party may request to file a dispute to help negotiate the amount to be paid for work conducted. Disputes can sometimes be the result of simple misunderstandings and clear communication can resolve most issues.