How to Sell Your Services on Freelancer Marketplace


By promoting a service through Freelancer Marketplace, you can offer your services to employers without having to place a bid! Simply describe the service you will provide, how long it will take to deliver and decide on the price you will charge.

Why look for work? - list your service on Freelancer Marketplace and have the work come to you!

What can be sold as a Service?

A service is essentially a project. Examples may be as simple as touching up a logo, creating custom made postcards or providing unique gift ideas. A service may be also as complex as building a website, editing a video or developing a mobile phone application.

Just about anything can be provided as a service! For ideas, checkout these examples.

Creating a Service

Creating a service is easy and takes just minutes to have it listed on Freelancer Marketplace.

  1. You will need to choose a category that best matches the type of service you will provide. This will determine where it will be listed on Freelancer Marketplace, for employers to purchase.

  2. Give your service a title that describes the skills you will provide. Start with terms such as "I will" or "I can" and give employers a clear snapshot of what you will do. E.g. "I will design a simple banner for your website" or "I can sing a short jingle for a commercial".

  3. Your service should have a detailed description that covers everything you can deliver to employers. The more detail you provide, the greater the chances of attracting the attention of an employer.

  4. Combining your description with strong keywords and tags best describing your service, helps employers who are searching to find your listing.

  5. You may provide instructions to employers, outlining special requirements you may need from them before you can commence work.

  6. Employers will need to know the maximum number of days expected to deliver your service. Be accurate and realistic. Setting too short a timeframe may find employers cancel their projects if not delivered on time. Setting too long a timeframe may cause them to buy from an alternative provider, offering their service in a shorter time.

  7. Upload images that visually represent your service, to give employers an example of the work you will provide. The images you use may persuade employers to learn more about your service.

  8. The thumbnail image displayed in the Freelancer Marketplace catalog needs to be 156x92 pixels. The preview image displayed on your service listing page needs to be 590x300 pixels. You can also create a slideshow for your listing by uploading additional images together in a ZIP archive.All images must be either JPEG, GIF or PNG format.

  9. Once you have decided on the details, determine how much you will charge to provide your service. The price you charge is entirely up to you!

    Your service will be listed in the catalog once it has passed approval by Support.

Selling a Service

Once you have sold a service, a project is created between you and the customer to commence work on. You will be notified of the purchase via email and on your Dashboard.

The customer will be regarded as an employer of the project and you as the freelancer - providing your service to complete it.

The new project can be viewed and managed through the "Project Table", highlighted by the "Freelancer Marketplace Services" icon on the Dashboard.

You must then choose whether to accept or reject the project. Ensure that you communicate with the employer to gain a clear understanding of the requirements of the project, before choosing to accept it. The employer will be notified if you accept the project and will expect to have it delivered within the time specified on your service listing.

The service price that you charge to the customer will be deposited as a milestone payment for you to receive once work completes.

Once you have successfully delivered the project to the employer, you may request to release the milestone deposit to receive payment. The employer will be notified and will release it, once they confirm that the work is satisfactory.

Leaving Feedback

Once payment has been finalised, both the employer and service provider must leave feedback and comments to rate each other's performance on the project.
Leaving feedback is highly recommended as it will help to improve your status and trust with other users on for future projects.


In the event that a service project is not provided to the satisfaction of either the buyer or service provider - either party may request to file a dispute to help negotiate the amount to be paid for the work conducted. Disputes can sometimes be the result of simple misunderstandings and clear communication can resolve most issues.


It costs $20 USD to list a service for 6 months. You will be charged 20% of the service price for each sale.

The price you charge for your service is up to you!

Renewing a Service

Your service will be listed for 6 months. You will be notified via email and on your Dashboard that your service is due for renewal within 7 days of expiry.

To renew your service, proceed to the menu "Marketplace" -> "Manage Items" section and select the "Renew" link on your service to list it for a further 6 months from the date it was due to expire.