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This is a totally customizable, very nice looking animated background. Everything on the screen is created by actionscript. That means you can easily modify animation by changing parameters in the functions and how to do that is explained in the help document in .zip file.

Customizable parts:

* Totally resizable: you just adjust the screen size no need to do anything.
* Number of circles: just change a parameter
* Background colors: You can adjust number of colors in the background gradient, you can change colors in the background and also you can adjust the position of the colors in the gradient. only use your imagination and change the parameters

* Also there is a commented (inactivated ) code in as files. The code can make the circles blur. Blured circles are vicer but it can cause performance problems for slow pc so i inaactivated the code but if you want you can easily activate it again by deleting comment marks in the code and how to do that is explained in help document.

It was written with AS3 . CS3 and CS4 versions are included in zip file

Questions and Comments


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Uploaded: February 3, 2010

Files Included: FLA, AS, DOC

Size: 9.97kb

Action Script: AS3

Resolution: Resizable

Documentation: good

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