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Trouble finding Java code for listening to directory changes? Now you can with this project. Complete with source code and help file that will teach you how to use it.
- Listens for directory changes without iterating over files so it consumes less CPU usage.
- Solves a scenario when user copies a files to directory and we as a programmer should know if copying is already done. Common on large files. The event 'NEW' will get triggered only when copying is done.
- Bonus class WindowsNativeFileManager for native copying, moving, deleting, and even checking if the file is currently in use.
- Not using loop. The operating system will automatically notify you!
- All source codes are available so you can freely modify it.

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April 8, 2011 ezekielbaniaga

Works only on Windows machines.

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Uploaded: April 8, 2011

Files Included: NetBeans Project, .java, HELP.TXT, .jar,

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