Google Wonder Wheel Scraper


This Google Wonder Wheel scraper is the most powerful keyword research tool on the internet. This
Wonder Wheel Scraper is bound to revolutionize the way you work online!

Digging into 4 levels of keywords, this scraper blows away the
competition & most of which only provide a mere 1 to 2 levels into a
keyword. It's simple, quick, efficient, and with the click of a button
will get you THOUSANDS of keywords directly related to yours!

All you do is type in your keyword, click "Scrape", and within minutes
you will have one of the most concrete "super lists" out there! Whether
you choose to export these keywords to your clipboard, text or CSV file,
one thing is guaranteed: This Wonder Wheel Scraper will provide you with
the basis for online success!

This program requires .NET Framework 4.0 to run.

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