I will Build your eCommerce Website

I will Build your eCommerce Website


Our price for Enterprise Edition (Magento Store) includes:
Store Management

-Advanced Administrator Roles, Logging & Site Access Permission

-Logging of Administrator Actions

Catalog Management

-Importing Customer and Product Data

-Exporting Customer and Product Data

-Catalog Advanced Search

-"Catalog Promotional Pricing by percentage or fixed amount with ability to restrict to stores, categories, Products"

Catalog Browsing

-Recently Viewed Products

-Recently Compared Items

-Static Block Tool to Create Category Landing Pages

-Configurable Search with Auto-Suggested Terms

Category Management

-Unique Design Per Product/Category

Product Browsing

-Support Options

-Media Manager

Search Functionality

-Advanced Solr Search

-Auto-completion of searches

-Giving suggested search terms and number of results 

-Popular Search Terms Cloud

Shopping Cart

-Persistent Shopping Cart

Payment Methods

-Authorize.net Payment

-PayPal Payments

-Configurable to Authorize and Charge, or Authorize Only and Charge on Creation of Invoices.

-Recurring Payment Profiles

Tax Calculation

-Flexible tax rate management

-European Union VAT-ID Validation

-EU Cookie Restriction

Shipping Methods

1) Table rates for weight and destination. 

2) Table rates for number of items and destination. 

3) Table Rates for Product Sub-totals and Destination

-Shipping is integrated with all major carriers and is calculated based on real-time shipping or flat rates.

Shipping Carriers

-Setting up FedEx

-Setting up UPS

-Setting up USPS

-Setting up DHL

-Multiple Shipments Per Order

-Integrated for Real-Time Shipping Rates

-Ability to Specify Allowed Destination Countries Per Method

Check Out

-Checkout with Multiple Addresses

Order Management

-Create Multiple Invoices, Shipments, and Credit Memos Per Order for Split Fulfillment

-Call Center Order Creation

-ADD to Cart By SKU

-Composite Products Handling

-Configurable Order Tracking Widget  

-Order Archiving

-Batch Import Tracking Numbers

-Batch print customer receipts for quicker order processing

Admin Management 

-E-Store Management

-CMS Management

-Enhanced CMS 

-CMS Page Hierarchy Enhancements

-Staging, Merging and Rollback of Content

-Login with CAPTCHA feature ability.

Additional Customer Groups Management

-1) Limited Catalog Access

-2) Category Permissions Per Customer Group

-3) Product Pricing Per Customer Group 

Customer Segments Management

-Customer Segmentation with Targeted Promotions & Offerings

-Full-page Caching

-RSS Feeds for New Products, New Specials and New Tags

Vendor management

-Assisted Shopping/Call Center functionality

Sales & Marketing

-Discounts Offer Management


-Magento Reward Points System functionality

-Private Sales Including Events, Invitations and Category access permissions

-Store Credit functions

-Automated Email Reminders

-Advanced Attribute Management

Analytics and Reporting

1) Administrator Action Logging 

2) Google Analytics Integration 

3) Admin Dashboard for Report Overview 

4) RSS Feeds 

5) Accounting Reports 

6) Feedback Reporting

Third-Party Applications and Extensions

-REST APIs Support

-CRM Integration

-ERP system Integration

-Accounting S/W

Customer Accounts Management Features

-Wishlist with Ability to Add Comments

-E-mail or Send RSS Feed of Wishlist

Return Management Authorization

-Control the return management flow

-Specify items allowed for return

-Allow partial-order and individual-item returns

-Enable customer notifications

-Determine return shipping methods

-Store Credit

Mobile Commerce

-Device-specific media capabilities for audio and video

-User-friendly search and results display

-Clean display of product detail pages

-Pinch, multi-touch, and scaling images

-Easy swipe between product images

-Zoom capabilities

-Cross-sell and up-sell capabilities

-Drag-and-drop of products to the shopping cart

-Push Notifications and AirMail Messages to the Application Users

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