I will Design Logo with 5 Concepts, Unlimited Revisions

I will Design Logo with 5 Concepts, Unlimited Revisions


High quality logo designs on all logo styles of Abstract, Modern, Wordmark, Pictorial, Combination and Lettermark by Melbourne based Logo Designer. I design your logo with 5 concepts and unlimited revisions until you are happy with the result.
My portfolio includes more than 130 logo designs that mostly I designed for different Logo Design Contests. Some of these designs have been sold but many of them are available for sale. After purchase you are able to see my portfolio, and beside the option that I design your logo with your requirement with new ideas, also if you like any of the design at my portfolio, you may order it with your Logo text and I will redesign that logo with your style and descriptions. You will receive Logos in PSD, EPS, PNG, GIF, JPG format in your requested sizes.

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Expected Delivery: 3 days

Uploaded: November 3, 2011

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