I will Design professional Mobile Website for $157


Rather than spend a lot of money on an app your business can use a mobile

website for potential customers and give people much better experience, rather than

having people to download your app and having to create different versions for

different phones.

Having a mobile site for your business is ESSENTIAL!

My service offer is:

  • Create professional mobile version from your current website.

  • "Auto detect device", if customer visit via mobile will view mobile version.

  • Smart "call to action" button with one simple click to make calling, send

    message, and found business location.

  • Fast loading time under 5 seconds.

  • Better navigation give better experience for returning customer.

  • Free premium hosting for your mobile version (m.yourdomain.com) for 1 year

  • small control team to make sure your mobile website running 24/7/365.

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