I will Suggest your website or fanpage to My 4K US Facebook friends


Every one know the importance of Facebook marketing. Now you can take advantage of this service. I will suggest your website or Facebook Fanpage to my 4000 Real Friends who are based in USA.

What will I do?
I will like your fan page, goup, even, or app and suggest it to my friends to like it also.

These are real and genuine Facebook users all are from USA only.

This Service not only increase your page likes but also can bring some real good sales for your product or service.

This Service can spread your website or product and even service among facebook users.

As you know when someone like your page that page is also shown in his friends News & Feed section of facebook profile. and if they too like that page I will start showing to their friends profiles. So this is like a viral effect. and believe me 4000 friends is not a small number.

Let us take an example this your site can spread like viral.

I like your page and this page is visible to 4000 My Friends---Let say B (my friend have 2000 friends) and also liked it so this will be visible to his 2000 friends.

So let's say my each friend have 1000 friends and out of 4000 about 3000 also like your page. do you know to how many people will you page be visible 3000 x 1000= 30,000.
and that too only in two levels my friends to their 1000 friends.. think what happen at 3rd and 4th and even 10th level uncountable.

This is enough for viral effect

Questions and Comments


June 27, 2013 FreelancerSA01

is this service still available?

February 24, 2013 asknasser

Is this service still available:Please provide links

February 22, 2013 vericorp

hello, is this still available, if yes, do send us your page link to check.

February 29, 2012 luluyeh

is this deal still exist? because it is 2012 now....i like to find someone who can promote app downloads in "US"~

October 13, 2011 bolovinos1982

i am ready....

October 12, 2011 bolovinos1982

lets try now...i dont have time to work on it more...thanks.....

October 12, 2011 aditya3212

To bolovinos1982: sure Thanks

October 12, 2011 bolovinos1982

ok then , give 1-2 days to make the message atarctive and then i will send you back to buy your product..thanks

October 11, 2011 aditya3212

To bolovinos1982: yes, But I can't not guarantee how many likes you page can get but Yes I will add your message to over 70k fans. If you page and message is attractive enough then it may get huge likes :)

October 11, 2011 bolovinos1982

are you steal doing that???

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