I will coach you based on your MBTI

I will coach you based on your MBTI


I am a certified Myers-Briggs-Type-Indicator coach. I will administer the MBTI (or a simplified "color test") to you and/or your staff to enhance your productivity, communication, work or family relationships, and to give you some well-deserved conflict resolution tools. If you have already taken the MBTI and have your detailed report available, I can use that .

Awareness of your temperament strengths and potential conflict points and coaching for your specific type will provide you with a life time of benefits.

The process typically takes 1-4 hours per week. Some of that is together and some is working independently on assignments. You choose the level of our interaction. I recommend working with me for 3 months or for 2 months with a 1 month refresher after an agreed upon break (1-12 months).

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