I will code and design a simple but full website in PHP with jQuery


First let me tell you, time won't be an issue. I usually finish entire web pages within 3 hours without javascript. Javascript and PHP/MySQL hookup only takes about 2 hours more per page. My code is always clean and has notes for quick access and reference.

I have been working with webpages for 5+ years, I have experience in HTML, CSS, Javascript (and jQuery), PHP, Mysql Adminstration, and AJAX requests.

I am cooperative and flexible. If you have a new idea and we have to scrap our work, that's fine! I'm here to help you reach your end product.

Hire me if you want a quickly made but beautiful design (Well I guess beautiful is subjective, take a look at my portfolio and tell me what you think!) I will code both front and back ends, as long as it remains simple.

What I mean by "simple:"
-personal pages
-Product Promotion
-Other things that usually maintain 5~ pages and don't require complex frameworks.

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