I will convert a pdf into any of the 25 listed document formats

I will convert a pdf into any of the 25 listed document formats


I'll convert your PDF file into any of the following document formats:

bmp, doc, epub, fb2, gif, html, jpg, lit, lrf, mobi, mp3, odt, oeb, pcx, pdb, pml, png, ps, rb, rtf, tcr, thumbnail, tiff, txt, xls

Maximum file size :

- up to 395 MB for 1 one service order

- up to1 GB for 2 service orders

This if not for hand written or scanned PDF files as that is more of copy-typing and not conversion.

Questions and Comments


September 26, 2012 kinggodwinb

i have a document that i captured the screen of my computer and pasted the screen on microsoft word document. It's about 100 pages of text. I need to be able to copy the text in the captured screen and edit it.I need someone who can convert this into editable text or can type everything out for me. Can you do this? 

March 28, 2011 signehadberg

I need an epub file. I have an PDF, but when i convert it via anybizzsoft, the pagebrakes makes bad pagebrakes in the Epub file. Can you help me? I need absolutly discresion.

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