I will create 7,000 + Backlinks for 10$

I will create 7,000 + Backlinks for 10$


I can only create 7000+ back-links and ping the backlinks for the root domain of your website. 100 % White Hat SEO strategy (verified) to get your site boost in Search engine. All the pages of your website will be indexed fast.

I will submit your site to over 7,000 statistic pages that will provide back-links to your website.

Statistic pages are like Alexa, whois and others which give back-links and at the same provide information about the website. After getting the back-links, I will send you a final report with the list of back-links. Every back-link will be pinged so that every search engine will find your website and love your content. Every content of your website will be indexed fast and move up in search results. Google, Yahoo, Bing and many more search engine love your website (for the ping service).

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