I will create a CMS wordpress website with FREE basic SEO for $350


I will create a beautiful and professional SEO friendly Wordpress website for you. I am a perfectionist, so you can stand sure that all work that I deliver is excellent, and meets your needs.

Your website will be SEO friendly, so optimization is much easier. As a bonus, I will add the meta tags for all your landing pages and I will provide you with a few backlinks for free. This is to give you a good boost to start you off.

I will create any type of website, be it e-commerce, adult, etc. If there is a job I cannot do, I am not afraid to let you know. I prefer to avoid jobs that I know you may not be happy with.

I will match the look and feel according to your needs and you will view the theme of your website before it is customize so you can have an idea of what it will look like.

I will teach you the basics of how to use your new wordpress site, so you can continue adding, editing & eliminating anything you need.

I will provide you with all your login info, your FTP info, and your hosting info (if you decide to go with my hosting). *all websites I develop are given 100% to the buyer. In other words it is completely yours, and will never be changed, or taken away from you unless payment is not given.

You must have a purchased domain name. I provide hosting if neededed. If you choose your own hosting, I will need your FTP, username, password and hosting login info.

all websites will have Google Analytics so you can track your traffic.

Wordpress website for $350 includes:
-latest Wordpress installation via ftp
-theme upload
-basic theme customization (such as colors, logo, etc. If you want to change the width, height or position of container, or transparency, or anything other changes to the css, let me know, and I may accept to do it).
-added content, images, videos, etc
-install plugins
-create menu(s)/ categories
-install and add widgets
-add affiliate banner ads if any
-some basic SEO to get you started
-Google Analytics

I always gift a few backlinks for every website I create, but only after payment is received.
I do my best to meet all of your requirements and needs, but please keep in mind that due to the low cost, I will not do custom work such as template design, Photoshop etc. If you need an over the top website, I am not the one for you, for I am only offering to do cost effective websites at this time, and I will reject your request.

As mentioned before, I cannot do a custom design for you due to the websites low cost, but I do my best to make your website as unique as possible, even if that means having to do some modifications to the current themes CSS. Please note that I will not do over the top modifications, for this takes time, and I might as well just design a new theme, which I will not do for such a low cost.

In requesting to have a website done by me, you accept the above, and you accept that I will not consider bizzar requests, or over the top requests that are not covered by the $350.

Although I accept to create adult websites, I have the right to reject any work that I feel is abusive.

Though my cost effective websites have the look and feel of a more expensive website, I also have the right to reject work that I feel is too demanding for the cost.

We will keep in touch throughout the process, but please be considerate of my other work. I am not only working on your website, I am working on many, so my time is not 100% yours. I prefer, appreciate, and ask that you please send any questions, concerns, or requests to me via e-mail. I will respond via e-mail, or if necessary, we will setup a time in the day, or in another day if not urgent, to discuss via skype. Thank you.

Though I give myself 31 days to complete the job, I try to finish in the quickest time possible. The goal in my mind is 2 weeks, but it can lead to 31 days or more depending on the situation. Situations include the following:
-The longer you take to send me all the info I need to complete the job, the longer it will take for me to finish your website. If your delay will not allow me to complete in 31 days, I will continue up to the amount of days you took to send me the info. If you are unhappy with this, and you decide you don't want to continue, I will eliminate all work I have done unless paid for.
-If there is any good reason why I could not make the 31 days, I will let you know why in advance, and we can work something out from there.
-Technical delay. Technical issues do happen. If in the last minute we reach some sort of technical problem, be it because of Wordpress, or anything else, the website may be delayed until the issue is fixed. If this were to happen, depending on why the technical issue happened, I will be happy to gift you more SEO for your troubles.
-I may need to adjust the time frame due to the amount of work I have piled up. If you have requested a website from me when the time frame said 31 days then I will honor this, If the time frame has changed when you request a website, then I will not honor the 31 days. I will complete in the time frame stated on the top right hand side next to this description.

All work unpaid for will be completely eliminated.

I hope my cost effective websites are what you are looking for. I do this not to make a large profit, but to help new business owners in need. Considering the fact that almost everything is found online now, I believe that every business should have a website with seo in order to succeed. If you cannot afford a costly website, I am here to help you in creating a modern website for a low cost. SEO is essential now more than ever, which is why I am offering to do some basic SEO to your new website for free, so you can get started in your online journey. Remember, I will only do the SEO once the website is fully paid for. Thank you.

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