I will create 20 .edu high authority Backlinks

I will create 20 .edu high authority Backlinks


.EDU domains are reserved for established educational/academic institutions. Ordinary people can't buy this domain, unless you own an academic/education institution.

Many SEO experts consider that .EDU backlink is the king of all backlinks and with these special backlinks in your arsenal you will quickly boost your website ranking.

Search engines like Google trusts websites with .EDU backlinks and index them faster. These links give your site authority and will outrank your competitors.

1 .EDU link is equivalent to 100 .com backlinks!

SEO companies have found .EDU backlinks as a goldmine and sell their services to expensive prices. These packages starts from $100.

We offer the same sorts of .EDU links to much cheaper price. A full report will be sent to your email when the backlinks campaign is done.

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