I will design high-end logo and identity for you.

I will design high-end logo and identity for you.


FourFour Studio has won awards for logo design, and as Creative Director of the shop, I will bring that same level of excellence to your project. You are not purchasing a rushed, $50 logo from an amateur provider with a cracked copy of Adobe Creative Suite. You are buying the same level of competence and service available from the boutique agencies of major cities.

Upon purchasing this service:

  • I will send you more detailed contact information (phone, email, Skype and AIM)

  • I will send you my standard logo questionnaire.

The first phase of the project involves gathering as much relevant information as possible about your organization and its goals in order to to determine the direction of the job. The logo questionnaire is only part of that process. After this research phase, I will begin generating concepts and sketching ideas. After the initial conceptual phase, I will create at least 2-3 digital workups of your logo and send for approval. The listed price includes up to three rounds of major revisions.

I've listed 10 days to completion which should be adequate if our communication lines are open and efficient. However, if more time is needed for any reason, I will always notify you as soon as that need becomes clear.

Inevitably you will need to implement your logo into materials such as brochures, direct marketing, clothing, letterhead and more. I can offer a somewhat reduced price for these items after successful completion of your logo.

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March 24, 2012 wiliamfulk

http://www.freelancer.com/contest/Make-our-LOGO-Great-MoroBoots-com-5882.htmlContest for a Header Design. Maybe you are interested.

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