I will develop custom database applications

I will develop custom database applications


Technologies used / Features:
- Delphi - one of the best programming software (examples of applications developed in Delphi: Skype, TotalCommander, PowerArchiver, KMPlayer);
- MYSQL - the world's most used database engine (almost every professional website such as webshops and forums uses MYSQL);
- database reports generated with RaveReports/QuickReports/FastReports;
- compatibility with Excel, PDF export;
- modern and very easy to use GUI;
- and many more.
The advantages for using this kind of database application development are:
- the database is stored on a server, users can work from client apps;
- can make at anytime database backup/restore/import/export/replication;
- can add new fields to the database or reconfigure existing ones;
- quick database/application update developement (for example when adding new fields to the database or adding new functions/procedures to the application);
- very fast database engine and huge storing capabilities (over 4.2 billion records);
- data encryption and compression;
- multiple users can connect and work;
- access rights based on user type;
Project steps: Database server installing/configuring; Database developement; Application development; Application testing; Documentation; Installer.
Project example: we suppose you want a software for sales management.
What you will get:
- installation and configuration of latest version of MySQL Community Server and MySQL Workbench on your server;
- database developement: create/configure databases and tables (customers, products, orders, users, etc.);
- custom application developement: based on your specifications and requirements; very easy to use and with modern GUI; Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7;
- testing of developed application for bugs, errors, etc.;
- documentation of project: includes mysql server administration and application help;
- application installer: for installing application on any computer.
Finally you will have your server where the database is hosted and an application that you can install on any computer and work. Multiple users can connect and work as well.

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