I will find Exact Keyword Domain Names with 3K-6K Google Searches

I will find Exact Keyword Domain Names with 3K-6K Google Searches


The easiest way to get to Google's page 1 or Top5 position is to get an "exact keyword-phrase search" domain names. For example, when you search for the keyword "forex trading" in Google, the #1 in SERP is forextrading.com and the #2 is forex.com. But if you
check their backlinks using Yahoo Site Explorer, you will notice that the forextrading.com
only has 3k+ backlinks while the forex.com has 37k+ backlinks. Obviously, forextrading.com ranks better because it has the exact keyword-phrase on its domain name that is "forex trading".

You don't need to buy those thousands of dollars worth of premium domain names anymore. Let me do the research and work for you.

About The Service:
I will find you an "exact keyword domain name" with .org/.com extension and has
3,000 - 6,000 global searches/mo using Google Keyword Tool and with less competition that you can register.

Your niche (e.g. "forex trading, forex software, etc")

Unregistered Domains - Global Searches / mo
forex trading companies .org - 3,600
forex live trading .org - 3,600
learn to trade the forex .org - 3,600

Availabe Domains - Global Monthly Searches - Competition
san diego graphic designer .org - 3,600 - 45,100
san diego web developers .net - 9,900 - 183,000
san diego web design .org - 9,900 - 239,000
san diego web designs .org - 8,100 - 280,000
san diego website designers .org - 9,900 - 6,790

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