I will get you 500+ Connections in LinkedIN within 4 days

I will get you 500+ Connections in LinkedIN within 4 days


500+ Extra Connections within 3 days
Increase your chances of a Job and gain respect by gaining 500+ connections
I will provide you with over 500 extra LinkedIN connections for one account within 4 days. In fact you will start seeing contacts connecting with you within the first 24 hours after you purchase my package.

BONUS:: Although I say 500 contacts + we always over deliver so you will get close to 1000 connections from this package. 500 will be seen within around 3 days of me starting. With this number of connections you will gain a lot of respect by your clients and future companies that review your profile.

UNLIKE some sellers my package is NOT a scam and will not get your account banned. This is completely Legal.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot provide targeted connections.

I will need you to give me your login details for the profile you would like me to work on. This will allow me to increase your connections to 500. You are welcome to change your logon details before you provide them to me. You can then change your login details after I have completed the work for security. No changes will be made to your account.

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We specialise in SEO , Internet Marketing and Domains.

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April 7, 2012 DidierAD

Can you get these numbers on Company Profiles?

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