I will make a professional 60 second voiceover - Broadcast Quality

I will make a professional 60 second voiceover - Broadcast Quality


I will make a professional 60 second voiceover in excellent broadcast quality for Radio, Internet, or TV.

I have worked on the air as a Radio D.J., a Podcaster, and a TV Broadcaster. With more than 11 years in the voiceover business, I have a wealth of professional experience working with national and international clients like the following:

  • Pfizer

  • Microsoft


  • Survey Alabama

  • OneStopVideoConverter.com

Each of my clients has been more than pleased with my voice over services and I get a lot of repeat customers. My warm, sultry, feminine, professional voice is perfect for capturing the spirit of all your campaigns, no matter what you need the audio for:

  • Corporate IVR & Telephony

  • TV / Radio Commercials

  • D.J. Drops / Radio Station I.D. and Imaging

  • Website / Blog Intros

  • YouTube Video Narration / PowerPoint Narrations

  • Internet Radio Station I.D. / Podcast Intros

  • Sales Page / Landing Page Video Narration

This service is without music, but if you need a voiceover with music, please take a look at my other voice over services.

I'm offering you a bargain price for a wonderful service. Voice over professionals usually charge hundreds of dollars for this kind of work.

Here's how you can partake of this great deal:

  • Provide me your script, 200 words max.

  • An mp3 file will be sent to you once it's produced (320kbps, 44100Hz).

I'll make sure you're pleased with the best quality, and cheapest voiceover service on freelancer.

Thanks for your business! I look forward to working with you.


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January 3, 2012 this.

amazing service (View Project)

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February 24, 2013 asknasser

Is this service still available:Please provide me examples

February 17, 2013 bluepixeljo

Do you provide male or female voice overs?

December 30, 2011 atalex

Here is a voiceover demo . Please listen and/or download the demo so you can hear the quality of my production work. I wrote these scripts, did the voice narration, and fully produced these tracks. (They are only snippets of whole voiceover tracks.)This voiceover demo set includes a variety of content, including snippets from "The Discovery Channel," a Hip-Hop radio show, a Jazz radio show, The Seattle Tourism Bureau, and Custom IVR (voicemail greetings) for a movie theater.If you like my work, please comment, especially if you have hired me and like the work.

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