I will make a simple, unique and cheap logo

I will make a simple, unique and cheap logo


Dear Customer.

I'm pleased to introduce You to my humble offer. At the astonishingly low price of 10 USD, I can provide You with a professional logo design. You'll get PSD, JPG and GIF files at very high resolution (accurate dimensions of logo depend on your needs).

If You already have a concept of your logo, then I will help You in turning your idea into graphics. You can also specify just your company name, desired colours, and I'll do the rest.

Of course I'll do everything to satisfy your needs, so once you'll receive a logo, you are free to request some corrections and adjustments.

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June 18, 2013 jkashuba07

I currently have a logo. I am looking for someone who knows Adobe Illustrator and can trace the logo, swap 1 color and one letter out of it? Then send me it in Illustrator format?

February 24, 2013 asknasser

Is this service still available:Please provide samples

December 28, 2012 tishiab

Hi! May I please view samples of your work? :-)

December 14, 2012 asim333

samples please? i'm interested

May 23, 2012 Frixel

Hello there! I can see some samples of your logo? Thanks, Cristian

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