I will mix and master your music

I will mix and master your music


I offer music tutoring/mixing and mastering via Skype & iChat, Mixing and Mastering using Dropbox.

Throughout the tutoring time, I will be there with you, working on your product. I can help you with song structure, arranging, sound design, theory and melody creation.

I can also show the more technical and creative ways to use Ableton for performances / remixes. In addition, any melodies / song elements created in the sessions remain your in perpetuity.


I'm able to do fantastic work, due to focusing only upon one thing at a time. That would be your track and your track alone. As I edit your work, I take in a bar at a time, all the way down to one note, one EQ setting, one compressor ratio.

Your sound matters.


Fraser is my "go-to-guy" for any DAW or Soft-synth issues I might run across when I'm working on a track. He's helped me understand compression to a greater extent, provided EQ and mixing knowledge, created tutorials to help with specific aspects of using a DAW for me and much more. I can say with certainty that consulting with Fraser will help anyone from a novice to an accomplished vet improve their electronic productions.

Sincerely, Kevin Michael Prier (@TheOnlyProphet) T1P

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