I will provide a professional voice over of up to :60 (175 words)

I will provide a professional voice over of up to :60 (175 words)


Whether you need a voice for a web video, commercial, phone hold, website, corporate presentation or just to help you sleep at night...I've got you covered! For $25, I provide up to 1 min of dry audio (no music and/or sound effects) and return the file to you in whatever format you need in 48 hours or less. Not sure how long your project is? A good guide is approximately 175 words per minute, spoken at a normal pace.

WHAT I NEED FROM YOU: I require a typed script, preferably in Microsoft Word. I can't use a power point slide or simply read off of a video. The reason for this is that I record your audio in a completely sound proof studio and no computers or devices are allowed inside! You'll hear the difference!

WHAT YOU GET FROM ME: A high quality, professional voice over delivered in one file in the format of your choice! It will be free from breaths, background noises, hissing and pops and ready for immediate use!

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