I will provide a targeted email list of 10,000 numbers

I will provide a targeted email list of 10,000 numbers


I will provide you with a targeted email list of your choice specific to your business. You have to just provide me with the line of your business and the related keywords of your business. You can also provide your website address so I can understand your business and accordingly provide you with a targeted mailing list.
Targeted mailing list can also be specific to a country.

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July 3, 2014 mastermind26


May 7, 2014 Angeline2014

I own a womens online clothing store. Ships to U.S. only. I need a US based email address for women between 18 and 40 years old.

January 3, 2014 sachinkarkera

Hi, I have a real estate company in Mumbai. Need a email list for prospective buyers. Can you help?

July 14, 2013 VictorjFdez

still available?

December 20, 2012 ceomasum

Hi,I have business of garments and textiles industries and my targeted clients are USA, Europe and Australian clothing companies who imports ready made cloths or deals with customized outsourcing. Can you provide me the email addresses of Top managerial level professionals (CEO, founders etc) of this sector. So that i can contact with them. I need LinkedIn profile references of the lists as well.Is it possible to manage?Regards

October 25, 2012 MPiEC2nOeqY3gW9Z

Hi,i just bought this from you,but need to know how ill get my 10k emails. how you proceed to send the list to me. thank you

September 19, 2012 hiqdraw

Can you provide any targetted list with webdevelopers and persons insterested in buying SEO packages?

September 8, 2012 Massimo72

Could You tell me the categories?TksMax

August 13, 2012 cperez52

How can I contact you to give you the background of my need?Regards

March 8, 2012 solarpradeep

To Freefox: Surely I will be able to get this list for you. You may please place the order.Pradeep

March 7, 2012 Freefox

Would you be able to get a targeted list in the internet marketing "money making" niche? (from USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada)That is, people who are business opportunity seekers?Kind regards

February 12, 2012 solarpradeep

Yes I can give you a email target list of UK forex and Financial Service providers in UK. You can also let me know if you have keywords so that accordingly i can provide you the list.Also I can get you LinkedIn URL profiles of all the senior management people related to your business. I can do this because I have a premium account in LinkedIn.Do let me know what is your specific requirement.Pradeep

February 11, 2012 imee289

have you got any targeted email list of uk forex,etc etc

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