I will write Chinese lyrics for your melody for $10!

I will write Chinese lyrics for your melody for $10!


Need Chinese lyrics for your own-composed song? I'm a professional Chinese lyricist and I've been writing for almost 8 years. I can tailor-make on any theme of Chinese lyrics to fit your melody. Just let me know your topic description and some keywords, and I'll write a custom lyrics for it. Quality of work is guaranteed.

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July 7, 2011 MrHord

Hello, My Chinese name is ??? I would like a Chinese song about my life changing experience with the Chinese people and my deep love for China & the Chinese people. Here is my story...I was born an white American person although most of my life most American people have only made fun of me and caused me so much pain that I tried to kill myself 8 times to get away from American people then 4 years ago in May of 2008 I start meeting my Chinese friends and because they was so friendly to me I was touch by there friendliness and I got interested in China and the more I learned about China the more I loved China and many of my friends started telling me they regarded me as a Chinese person the fact that the Chinese people could accepted me when Americans "my own people" could not accepted me touched my heart very deeply and changed my life forever. because of my love for China I known then (4 years ago) that I would fight & die for China or the Chinese people. There accepting me as a Chinese started a passion in me for every thing Chinese that has grown stronger and stronger every day after that. in fact I love China so much that because of my love & passion for China I have learned about China's customs, culture, traditions, history, food and much more. Some of my Chinese friends have said that I know China better then some Chinese. I can cook about 350 to 400 of my own authentic Chinese cuisines. I have known that I loved China and wanted to live there for the past 4 years I got to visit China for the first time in April of 2011.It has been my dream & goal in life for 4 years to use my writing skills to write movies, blogs, books ETC. ETC. help the world understand China and the Chinese people and to help China become a better country for the people there. I regard the Chinese people as my Chinese family China as my home country & motherland. I regard my self as a Chinese person my saying"????????????????!"Could you write a custom lyrics for that story that will show my love & passion for China and the Chinese people? Because of my love & understanding of China & the Chinese people some songs that have been suggested that I learn to sing because the meaning behind the songs are. ??? - ???? ??? - ??? ??? - ?????Yes! I still want to move there I have plan to return in October of 2012 to live & work as an English teacher & businessman. While starting the 3 year process of moving there.

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