I will write a 7000-word article on Spanish about any topic

I will write a 7000-word article on Spanish about any topic


About me: I am a professional writer based in Cuernavaca. I have been writer for nearly 5 years. I am teacher Literature in International University of Cuernavaca. I have helped to my students to do their Articles, because it is so important when somebody is learning Spanish, to learn with people who know Spanish in native way. It's so important to know that any language, for example, the Spanish has linguistic expressions that we do not know and we need to look for some help.

My Service:
- I will write for you about any topic in Spanish, for example, Mexican Literature, Mexican History, reflexions about some Latin American writers, about grammar or semantic of the language Spanish, to help you in your Spanish classes.
- Articles are shipped in Spanish and English at the same time.
- Articles contain 5000 words (minimum) or 7000 words (maximum)
- Single-spaced text.
- Structure of the articles contains headings and paragraphs, standard appendices, and bibliographic references, images (Only if it is necessary).
All articles contains: Introduction, body, (purpose and structure, theme development) and conclusion.

All articles I write will be original, unique content, 100% plagiarism-free and Copyscape passed, because I know that you do not want to deal with the consequences of plagiarism, I know that plagiarism is unethical. I strive to thoroughly research a subject-matter, to develop interesting and captivating facts for a compelling article. My work is aimed at students who are studying Spanish in the U.S.A. or people who are taking classes in Spanish in any place. Just send me a topic description of a few sentences, and I will personally compose an article that you can use on your Spanish classes, on your website, in print. I guarantee you a serious and responsible service.


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December 8, 2011 this.

He works so good!! I like her responsibility and dedication with his job!! (View Project)

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October 7, 2012 mallcom

I might need some articles in spanish, but targetted for native spain not latin america. I figured that they use complety diffrent words for the same meanings.Can you do spain spanish?

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