Jquery Multiple Effect Slide Show Plugin

Jquery Multiple Effect Slide Show Plugin


This is a very quick and easy implementation of slide show dynamically. You can add image or even text content into the rotation with less coding. You can change the effect you want. It supports fading, slideLeft, slideTop effects. You can adjust the speed of rotation.

Below is the sample implementation.

First you have to declare the library and plug-in source within tag

Then initialize the plug-in within tag

$(document).ready(function() {
width:600, -->The width of your slideshow container default is 100.
height:200, -->The height of your slideshow container default is 100.
interval:2000, -->The speed of the rotation, default is 1000.
transition:"fading" -->The transistion effect of the rotation. Supports(fading,slideLeft,slideTop).
$("#slideShow1").dynamicRotator({width:600, height:200});

Here's the html in tag
That's it..Look how easy to implement this plugin.

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