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The mesh game is a simple point and click game based on luck. The game runs in Dosbox. Just copy the Mesh folder on the hard drive which contains the BGI folder which has the
graphics driver. The scores.txt file should not be edited,it contains the score information.
mesh1.exe is the game executable.
Use the following commands in Dosbox to play the game. Here K: is any drive letter not in use and c:\mesh is the location of mesh on your C drive.
mount K: c:\mesh (press enter)
K: (press enter)
cd mesh (press enter)
mesh1 (press enter) The complete contents are as follows:- 1) INTRODUCTION:-

This game is a simple point and click game and is largely based on the player's luck.
The game involves a series of squares which the player has to click and as soon as he
has clicked it, it becomes filled with a cross, a check a D or a G.
The player is asked for his/her name once at the beginning of the game.
The player starts with an initial score of 2.
A check indicates that the score has been increased with a value of 1.
A cross indicates that the score has been decreased with a value of 1.
A G which is hard to find indicates that the score has been increased by 5.
A D which is somewhat common indicates that the score has been decreased by 5.
The game finishes as soon as the score falls to 0 or below that.
The game is won if the player is able to achieve a score of 100. 2) In GAME MENU:- The In GAME MENU has the following options:- a) New Game:- To start a new game.
b) Save Scores:- Save the current score.
c) View Scores:- View the scores of the earlier players or your own scores. A maximum of
6 scores get saved and your score will only be saved in case it falls in the top 6.
d) Return:- To return back to the game.
e) Quit:- To quit the game.
f) Credits:- To view the team that designed and planned the game.
In order to install the game you need to have winzip or winrar software installed on computer.
Winzip software can be downloaded from
First of all click Start, then click Computer and in it double click Local Disc C:\.
Right click on the empty space and create a new folder and name it as Mesh.
Right click on the file and choose Copy from the menu that comes up.
Right click on the file named and from the menu that comes up click extract to mesh\.
Otherwise you may click on extract files.
This will create a folder named mesh.
Now we need to have dosbox installed in case we are going to run this game on Windows 7 or Windows Vista.
Dosbox can be downloaded from
Download and install dosbox as per the instructions available on the website.
After installing dosbox an icon saying dosbox will appear on the desktop.
Double click that icon to bring up a black window.
Within that window type the following commands to run the game.
mount K: C:\Mesh\mesh (press enter)
K: (press enter)
mesh1 (press enter)
The game will start running.
Here K: is the name of any empty drive letter.
Operating System: Windows 98,ME,XP,Vista(DOSBOX),7(DOSBOX).
Processor: PentiumII 400MHZ or more.
RAM: 256 MB or more.
HARD DISK SPACE: 10 MB or more.
DOSBOX is required to run the game on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Dosbox can be downloaded from

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Files Included: commented source code contained in mesh1com.cpp, readme.txt contains information about game play, scores.txt contains information about scores, BGI folder contains video driver, mesh1.exe is the game executable,help.txt contains information about system r

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