Modern Business Presentation


A modern lean design for a business presentation. The graphics are meant to accent the presentation and set a professional, but not boring tone for your presentation.
Included is the Photoshop graphics file (PSD). The photoshop file is organized by folders. To export graphics, simply hide the folder for the slide which you do not wish to export and click file > save as... select JPEG and then the OK option. Set your quality settings and then a JPEG to your specifications will be saved.
In addition to the PSD, PPT (2003) and PPTX (2007+) files are included in the download. These provide a template for your presentation. It is suggested (in the interest of preserving the template conventions) that a duplicate copy be created before modifications are made.
The font used is Times or Times New Roman. It provides a professional, but not overly embellished typographic atmosphere.

Just a basic PSD. It is organized by groups. Each group represents a slide template. Layers use patterns, masks, and other means of graphic abstraction.

The graphics are applied to the slides in the PowerPoint. There are example slides and an example presentation structure. The content slides are filled with Lorem Ispum text. They are meant to be duplicated as per your personal needs. All graphics in the submission are personal photographs. The patterns were personally created and applied.

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