PHP Gate Keeper


Provides an easy-to-use mechanism to authenticate users. The GateKeeper class supports privilegues. This class works in conjunction with the DataConn class, which is also included in this package.

This class contains:

(*) User Management (createUser, deleteUser, findUser, changeUserPassword)
(*) Privilegue Management (createPriv, findPriv, deletePriv)
(*) Granting and Revoking Privilegues (grantAccess, revokeAccess)
(*) Access Control (verifyUser, hasClearance, grantPass, revokePass, hasAccessPass)
(*) Temporal User Suspension (restoreUser, suspendUser, activateUser)

The class has 100% static methods, so you don't even need to instantiate it. It needs you to connect to the database first, simply create an instance of the DataConn class, which will connect automatically using the default parameters in the configuration options.

ALSO Don't worry about the database, this is completely isolated, the class will create the database (if it doesn't exist) and will setup the necessary tables. Stores passwords using Double SHA1 and Salt.

Contains a good documentation and a very good example of everything.

That's all I can say :)

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Files Included: GateKeeper, DataConn, Configuration, Sample Scripts, Simple HTML Help

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