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A .net Library that generates self-sufficient product key where you can store several data related to licensed product:
- Product Code (byte)
- Product Edition (5 posible values: Trial, Standard, Professional, Enterprise, Ultimate)
- Product Version (ushort, up to 60,000 values allowed)
- License serial number (ushort, up to 60,000 values allowed, so you can keep track of every single license you sell)
- Expiration Date
- Up to 10 fields to enable/disable specific features for a particular license.

You can also select between 3 different encryption algorithms to encrypt the data and provide a two characters combination to generate the encryption key. And you don't have to write this info in your software code, the product key contains all this info by itself.

To use the library, you must reference the dlls NetDev.KeyGeneration.dll and NetDev.KeyGeneration.Generator.dll in the software you use to generate the product keys and provide all the data related to the product license you are generating through the class ProductKey and then use the function contained in the class KeyGeneration providing the two encryption chars and the selected encryption algorithm.

Then, in your software you must reference the dlls NetDev.KeyGeneration.dll and NetDev.KeyGeneration.Disassembler.dll and use the fuction contained in the class KeyDisassembler providing only the product key to get all the information you need to know the type of license, version, etc, to use in your software.

So, you don't have to reference the generation dll in your sofware, only the disassembly dll.

Attached with the libraries is a well formed and commented example, so you can use the libraries without any problems.

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February 9, 2014 mayask123

do u provide the 3 dll source code also ?are you providing complete source code ?

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