ProjectWeather - Simple, full featured, weather script

ProjectWeather - Simple, full featured, weather script


// Name: ProjectWeather//
// Author: Dustin B. LaRoche//
// Creation Date: 10/21/2010//
// //
//Purpose: Retrieves the weather based on the location set//

ProjectWeather is a simple, yet full featured weather script that will
allow you to easily integrate the weather into your website. If you choose to show the
icons then the script will automatically pull in the weather icons. There is a that is located in the config folder that can be edited to change the
way different features and sections are shown.

1.) You will need to put the ProjectWeather folder in the root folder of the webpage that

would like to use the script in.

2.) Next, open the file that is located in the config folder. There is
different features that you can control by editing this file. There is detailed comments in
this file that will explain each feature better.

3.) Place the following code in the head section of your webpage.

4.) Now place the following code in your webpage where you would like for the weather to be

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