WET Framework 1.0


Installation tutorials:

  1. Download the product

  2. Open the file zip, drag and drop file into your project file. Yo should get something like this: myproject/index.php,myproject/clases/..

  3. add to more folders:myproject/html andmyproject/php

  4. Read instructions: documentation.docxor documentacion.docx

Questions and Comments


May 2, 2014 modesterd

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March 14, 2013 davidroura

Powerful tool to make php programming on MVC architecture, i would like to post the easiest example to connect to MySQL, but dont forget it is much more stronger than this: FILE STRUCTURE: root/ root/clases root/clases/connection.php root/clases/dataset.php root/clases/object.php root/index.php (replace index.php for index_old.php and create a new index.php) EXAMPLE:      /************************************************************      * Including FILES      ************************************************************/     include 'clases/object.php';     include 'clases/connection.php';     include 'clases/dataset.php';     /************************************************************      *  Creating Objects and Setting up      ************************************************************/     $conn = new Connection();     $conn->Set_Datos("localhost", "root", "", "example");//host,user,password,dbtable     $DataSet = new DataSet("DataSet",NULL,NULL);     $DataSet->Connection = $conn;     $DataSet->Tabla = "user";     $DataSet->ID = "id";     $DataSet->Campos = array("name","lastname");     /***************************************************************      *  Getting Data from DB      ***************************************************************/     $conn->Connect();     $DataSet->AutoSelect();     $conn->Disconnect();     /****************************************************************      *  Printting DATA      ***************************************************************/     echo "First row";     echo "<br>--------------------------------------<br>";     echo "First Name: ".$DataSet->Data[0]["name"]."<br>";     echo "Last Name: ".$DataSet->Data[0]["lastname"]."<br>";     echo "<hr>";     echo "Second row";     echo "<br>--------------------------------------<br>";     echo "First Name: ".$DataSet->Data[1]["name"]."<br>";     echo "Last Name: ".$DataSet->Data[1]["lastname"]."<br>";     echo "<hr>";

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Uploaded: February 16, 2013

Files Included: index.php, clases/config.php, clases/configprev.php, clases/connection.php, clases/controller.php, clases/customcontroller.php, clases/dao.php, clases/datacalendar.php, clases/datacatalogo.php, clases/datagrid.php, clases/datanavigator.php, clases/dataset

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