Abecfilms - Setup EC2/Apache to host passwd protected directory of urls from buckets/subdomains for media streaming to browsers and mobile devices

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Hi, Interested in doing this for me? Shouldn't take you very long, Happy to pay you whatever you think its worth as long as it is done simply and right and I can easily replicate and manage it. Let me know what you think. Thanks, Adam

Need an expert at Amazon EC2/Apache/domain management who can setup EC2 so that I can securely host the proprietary media (mp3, mp4) files in my current buckets on S3. I would like sub-domains to point to each folder (or bucket) where I could easily assign users and passwords to each new subdomain that I create from time to time. From htaccess files in each subdomain, I should be able add icons, a favicon and customize the directory listing. I currently have this system setup on Godaddy shared hosting, but they want me to move to dedicated hosting as I am not a "traditional website", so I am moving to Amazon to redo this.

As part of this consulting contract, and prior to commencement of the actual programming, I will want you to walk me through this process point by point so that I can learn how to do it and understand exactly how you will do it, (i.e. install AMI xyz version from community, update linux/ubuntu, setup private keys, ssh, mount/fuse s3 buckets, create elastic IP, DNS/Cname pointing, create virtualhost httpconf, etc - I will want see and understand the scripts so I can learn also.) I am not a coder, but I generally understand the scope from help docs available online and I would like to learn more.

This instance (AMI) will need to be permanent. Please see example of screenshots. I created parts of htaccess files myself via trial and error from Apache documentation; previously, the sub-domain and password management was done by me via Godaddy's GUI (C-Panel?), but EC2 is not so easy, and I am not a coder.

Please be an expert in Apache / domain management on AWS, EC2, etc. LAMP expertise is preferred, since if you can program in LAMP, this will be very easy for you.

Price is negotiable. I would prefer both a fixed and hourly rate for modifications and support, if they are ever required, which they should not be. I will want to set a max number of hours for this initial project, or a fixed price.

5-7 Screenshots from Godaddy shared hosting can be seen at:

[url removed, login to view]

some reference links are here:
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