Android + GPS (b)

Project Budget (USD)
$30 / hr

Project Description:
'm looking to make an ultra-light prototype of an app, I'm a web developer so can handle that side, but would like help on the app.

The app features would be:

- No design or styling required
- To run on my Android phone (i.e. not published)
- Send a GPS location to a webpage (so I can then pass to a MySQL DB)
- An option to set the frequency of updates (10mins, 30mins, 1 hour etc...)
- I'd like it to be as passive as possible to save battery, so wanted to try GET GPS FIX, SEND UPDATE, CLOSE GPS USAGE then repeat

I haven't built the web side as yet, so can build that around your requirements and looking to keep things simple :)

I then need to do some research and have a 2nd phase to ask you about. Then finally, all being well, to actually make the full app.

This is my first project on here, but do check out to see we are established.

Many thanks for your time.



Hours of work: 5 Project Duration: Unspecified Skills required:
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