Asterisk PBX VOIP and call per min credit card processing

Project Budget (USD)
$30 / hr

Project Description:
I need an Asterisk PBX which works as follows:nn1. I want to be able to keep my actual phone numbers. nn2. I need three extensions in one location (office) ideally these should be on portable units (tablets), and need one extension at my home (fixed phone)nnand need three mobiles phones used as extensions when not at the office.nn3. I need the calls to not be listened to by people external to the company nn4. The type of trunk lines are we are currently using is one line with three ISDN numbers.nn5 The specific features that I am interested in are- call recording, reporting, queuing, call forwarding, personalized audio message when on hold, special message boxes, fax, conference callingnn7. set up calling hotline with a pay per minute Credit Card Processing System using paypal. I want to be able to set a fix fee for the first 0-3 minutes then a fee per minute.

Hours of work: 1 Project Duration: < 1 week Skills required:
Market Research
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