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My company is in need of a call center solution. I have been looking around on the internet and found out that Asterisk looks like a great software. I just haven’t found out if it fits our requirement.
Our plan is to store customer information as text in a database. Every customer will have a unique ID number. When a person call our call center (Automatic Attendant) he/she will have to choose from different language(English, Swedish).Then they will be asked to dial the Unique number.
After that we would like the information stored under that number read out by TTS(in the chosen language).
I found a lot of text to speech software, but most of them is to create sound file, like mp3 or wav, and that's not what we need. We just want to have the text information on our “database” read out. Not create or play sound file. I hope you understand what I mean.
This is the process:
Step 1. One person call our call center.
step 2, An automatic Attendant answer, Which welcome the caller and tell him/her to press 1 for Swedish or 2 for English.
Step 3. After the caller has chosen language they will get more information in the language they chosen. ( The automatic Attendant will tell the caller to dial a specified number, Like: 123456)
Step 4. Our system will then check in our database for information stored under the specified number(123456). This information will be stored in text.
Step 5. The information for the number(123456) will then be read out by text to speech.
Step 6. The caller can chose to hear the information again our end the call.
There should not be any created sound files(like mp3 or wav) when the call is finished.
Do you think Asterisk, Trixbox VoIP can provide this kind of system? And is there any possibly to have asterisk in a cloud server?

And what is your estimated price and time?
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Asterisk PBX
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