Book Translation, Japanese to English

Project Budget (USD)
$12 / hr

Project Description:
I need a Book Translated to English about a Story of the Dragonfly.

It is full of wisdom, the life of a Dragonfly, and all round the world as a whole in creation thru its eyes. The book is fictional but has some meanings of life in it written by the author as he was a very spritual and wonderful enlightened Japanese man.

I have no real idea on how long this will take because I don't know how many Enlish words it will be and getting the true meaning or feeling of the book expressed.

I am sure we can come to some arrangement after you see the book as you will have a better idea than I do. I am hoping to have others translated as well with a similar Gendre of Japanese wisdom tales and stories as well.

I hope you can let me know if you are interested, I will send you the book link or a copy. Thank you..

Hours of work: 1 Hr / week Project Duration: Unspecified Skills required:
Copywriting, Japanese, Translation, Word
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