Complete website design

Project Budget (USD)
$100 / hr

Project Description:
You have recently done some work for one of my colleagues Avi Benjamini. They were satisfied with your work and gave me your contact.

I am in need of completing my website remake; it's a very simple design for which I designed already the sample pages. Last week I hired someone through Freelancer; he loaded wordpress and most of the files up on my website hosting account but was not able to complete as needed. This is pretty urgent as I would like to have the website up and running possibly by Saturday. I am not expert in the field but I know that it is a matter a few hours of work for a professional in the field.

You can see the current design at As you can tell the pictures are not optimized for loading, some of them are stretched, you can also compare to the sample I originally provided to see proportions and dimension of the various elements (attached).
Please let me know if you would be interested and able to work on this and I will send you more detailed informations on the desired final design, so we can eventually agree on the project.

Thank you very much.
As mentioned timing is very important.

Giuseppe Sircana

Hours of work: 1 Hr / week Project Duration: < 1 week Skills required:
Website Design
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