Convert PSD to Wordpress - Repost

Project Budget (IDR)
Rp50000 / hr

Project Description:
Hello,nnI am looking for someone to convert my PSD files into a Wordpress theme.nHere's the requirements :nnThe wordpress site will contain 3 divisions.nEach divisions will have their own subfolrder.nnSo the url will look like (for example) :nnDivision #1 (all the pages in that folder will have the same Division 1 header logo)n #2 (all the pages in that folder will have the same Division 2 header logo)n #3 (all the pages in that folder will have the same Division 3 header logo)n website template will be the same for the 3 divisions. So you don't have to convert multiple PSD files...nI will need to be able to set the logo I want on each pages since each divisions has their own logo.nnFor the URL, it will lead to a already built HTML website.nnThere will be 1 slider plugin on each division home page (I will give you the files to install the slider plugin) and dropdown menus.nOn the contact page, there will be a full-width banner with a Google Map in it. Also 1 contact form.nnAlso, I will need a product catalog.nThere will be a "Product" page, and there will be few categories. And I need some checkboxes and dropdown menus to filter the results of the search on that page.nPreferably using Ajax technology, so it don't have to load a new page everytime.nEach product in the search result will be simple. Product image, code, text description and 2 buttons to download different PDFs.nnI will send you the PSD files so you'll see how it looks like.nnI need this to be done by August 29th. Approved and everything by that date. So you should be done aroung August 27th so I can test all the stuff and make some revisions if needed.nnEverything needs to be well written (code). Also, the theme needs to look identical on latest version of Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and IE 9+.nAlso, it needs to be SEO friendly (I'm not asking for a whole SEO thing...just make it friendly with it).nnIt seems like a big project, but like I said, the template will stay the same for all 3 divisions. The only thing that will change is the logo at the top, and the menu. (and all the content, of course).nAgain, I need to be able to set all settings seperatly in all divisions.nnThank you

Hours of work: 5 Project Duration: 1 - 4 weeks Skills required:
CSS, HTML, PHP, Wordpress
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