Corel Templates

Project Budget (USD)
$10 / hr

Project Description:
I have a print company and I am using I have some PDF templates that I need to be created into corel draw .cdr templates. I have no problem doing this but I dont have the time and I also am running into a few problems. 1. I cannot se the text field to a certain lenght or auto size the text 2. I cannot get the images to be the same size all the time. So with that being said im not interested in doing this myself. Are you interested in maybe converting or setting these fields for me. I dont want to know how to do it just want to be able to send the PDF files to someone and get them back .cdr. they are all set to text and I have made some myself but dont want to mess with it anymore. Let me know if this is something you can do. Thanks.

Hours of work: 5 Project Duration: 1 - 4 weeks Skills required:
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