Counselling and Psychology

Project Budget (AUD)

Project Description:
Question 1/ What is the counsellors' primary role? What are the benefits of a counsellor talking less and acting as a guide towards solutions? 200 words

2/ Minimal responses are an important means of listening with intent. How can they be used to pass on messages to clients? What are the dangers of expressing too much through minimal responses? 200 words

3/ List different types of non-verbal responses. How are they important in the counselling procedure? approximately 1 page

4/Set task: Observe an interview on TV. or listen to one on the radio ( if you do not have either, observe a conversation between 2 people perhaps at a restaurant, on a bus etc). Pay particular attention to the use of minimal responses, verbal and non verbal.
Report on set task. How frequent was the use of minimal responses? In your opinion were they used effectively? 200 to 300 words.

Skills required:
Academic Writing, English (UK)
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