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Design of "web business-card"

We need the design and programming of an alterable "web business-card" for our future-customers.
"web business-card" means a very simple site with a maximum of 5 mainly static pages.
"Alterable" means, that the layout (at least of the main-page), the design (css) and the navigation-style should easily be alterable.

This is the background: Our customers can choose a layout, a navigation style and tells us which colors they like.

The business-card consists of up to 5 pages:

1. Main-page: containing company name, logo, branch, adress, mail, phone and opening times.
2. Map-page: containing a (google-)map with the adress and the possibilty to get a route calculated
3. Misc-Infos 1: Some text and maybe a picture. Limited to the size of the business card (not scrollable) (optional)
4. Misc-Infos 2: just a second page like #3 (optional)
5. Legal-notice: Just some standard-text.

There are two ways of changing the business-card:

a) the administrator changing (done by us).
Does NOT need any backend, editor or so on.
This is to change the content of pages 1, 2 and 5.
No login or so, just done directly via FTP.

b) the customer changing (done by our cusomers of cource).
This is to change the content of page 3 and 4.
Here we need a simple login (maybe a text-file instead of a database for storing login-data is ok; maybe even hard-coded, for there will be only one person who can login) and an online-editor for changing the pages.
There too needs to be check-field so the customer can switch "frontend" visibility of pages 3 and 4 on and off.

At last we need the posibility to switch on and off pages 3 and/or 4. If the customer does not book them they will be switches off and won't show (and of course are not editable).

WHAT FILES WE NEED in our eyes):

1. A text-file with the basic customer information (see below)
2. A html-file with the contents of page 3 and 4
3. Sort of editor-page for editing pages 3 and 4
4. A simple login-page
5. Sort of configuration file for setting the layout-type and so on (see below)
6. CSS file for changing design
7. Frontend-pages (at least two layouts of the main-page)
8. A text file for content of legal-notice

Text file (1.) like this:
$comanyName= "Testcompany";

Config file (5.) like this:
$online=TRUE; // so we can switch it off without deleting it


Customer books a business-card with lets say one extra content page ("3. page")
He chooses the layout type, tells us his desired colors, fonts and so on and the navigation style.
We create a new directory copy the basic files in that directory.
We insert the customers data in the file #1 (see section "what files we need").
We customize the css file for colors, fonts and so on.
We adjust the configuration file for choosing his layout type and so on and for granting page 3 (denying page 4)
When done, we switch the page online (switch in config-file)
The customer can log in and insert/edit his own text on page 3. If done he can switch them online.

Skills required:
CSS, Graphic Design, HTML
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