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Project Description:
I want some extra features in this script.

Changes in existing files :

1. Search result extend to date. ( Now only search name & contact numbers )
- in these files : [admin] admin_booking.php, Customers_List.php, customer_all_list.php,
[employee] bookings.php ]

2. In time field (admin_bookinf.php, customer_all_list.php, booking.php ) remove second counts view (00). And Date format want like dd-mm-yy. (now yy-mm-dd)

3. Text auto complete (Area names) want In booking form fields "from & to". [ admin_booking.php, existing_customer.php, customer_all_list.php, bookings.php, existing_customer.php ]

4. Employee area want ip lock. ( we add some ip's, employee can login only that ip's. mean employee can login in particular computers only )

5. Pagination wanted in this files.. [ employee.php, employee_history.php, Customers_List.php, customer_all_list.php, ]

6. Need Editing option for Existing customer, in existing_customer.php (admin, employee both).

7. Need confirmation when a booking order cancel, like "are you sure want to cancel it ?", in admin_booking.php, customer_all_list.php, bookings.php

Extra work :

1. admin create drivers profile : see drivers.php

If admin or employee click "Assign Car" button ( in admin_booking.php, customer_all_list.php, bookings.php ) it want to redirect (or your choice) for some clarification...

1. Select a driver ( see drivers_change.php ) -
in this file :
if click "save" button - this data saved as drivers_assigned.php and admin & employee can view this page.
if click "Fix Driver" button - this data will saved in permanent data like customer_all_list.php ( this data want include 'driver' name ) ( driver name column also want in existing_customer.php ) ( at a same time driver history also save like here "drivers_history.php" )

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