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Project Description:
We have a problem with design continuity among the marketing materials created by staff in various remote offices. Our goal is to have an iPad app that will facilitate the production of marketing materials from preset templates so as to guarantee the continuity of our brand.

The iPad app would have two libraries:

Library 1: Preset templates or backgrounds for printable items like posters or direct mail cards (for example, a postcard from a previously successful direct marketing effort),

Library 2: Graphical elements like logos and promotional images or icons

... and allow the user to

[action 1] drag-and-drop items from the app's library to arrange graphics or icons onto a selected template or background, or
[action 2] to enter or paste in text.

At the end, the marketing staff person would be able to generate a pdf or png file and save locally, send via wifi or bluetooth to a local printer, or attach to email and send, or post to social media.

Would you have the capability to deliver these features?? What would that cost? How would you handle the intellectual property issues?

Thank you,

~ Neil

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