PHP Job by LucasBorba

Project Budget (USD)
$20 / hr

Project Description:
Project- Furniture Shopping

Hello, I Live in Brazil and my actual business is Furniture selling by a fisical store. I could preview that to sell furniture on the internet is not a bad business, and actually, there's already a few people doing this. My initial idea is basicly capture furniture stores in a radius of 1000 km (logisitics matters), displays this stores on my web-site and trade it's products for anyone who wants to buy it. But, the trading must be totaly automatic, as any store on internet does. So, I want a Decoration shopping On- Line. One doubt that i have is about the transport, because there will be not just one point of exit to the products, but more than one (stores), so it's a variable that will influence the price of the product, and the web- site sistem must be open to this function. I would like to Know about the cost of a project like this. Any doubt, please make contact.

Lucas Borba

Hours of work: 10 Project Duration: 1 - 3 months Skills required:
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