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Project Budget (USD)

Project Description:
I am required to create an HTML version of my Curriculum Vitae to be hosted on the project server.

1. My Design for the Interactive Version of your CV

Am required to submit a set of design documents for the interactive version of your CV.
2. My Evaluation Strategy

Am required to create a document setting your plan for evaluating the interactive version of your CV.

3. My Software Application

Am required to upload my software application to my user area on the server under the 'final' subdirectory. The team should be able to launch my application from the server and interact with it as an end-user would, using a browser. Please note that the team will be given read-only permission in order to inspect the source code

4. My Academic Report
Am required to submit an Academic Report in which you describe and reflect on the work that you carried out as part of the project.
Am required to submit a final project report as ONE file on Studynet, in .doc, .docx. or .odt format.
I must submit a software application along with a final report, if you fail to submit a software application, then you will receive no marks for the final report.

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